At Mexborough St John, we teach children a wide range of subject areas based on the New National Curriculum.


In lessons, children will be taught keys skills and knowledge about the world around them, as well as specific vocabulary and skills that allow them to understand and take part in scientific enquiry.  We hope to instil the importance of science and the role it plays in everyday life; from the brushing of teeth, to the movement of the universe.

We aim to provide lessons that are relevant, engaging and practical. It has been proven that practical science teaching allows children to maintain subject knowledge for a greater period of time.

Knowledge organisers are used before and after each topic as a way of identifying initial understand and knowledge, and then the progression made at the end. This also allows teachers to identify gaps in learning and cover any content that may need further teaching. 

Science is taught with links to termly topics or standalone units. We aim to make links with termly topics wherever possible to emphasise the relevance of science in the children's own lives.

Scientific enquiry is an integral part of science teaching and understanding and is regularly taught alongside the science topics. Enquiry allows children to use vital scientific vocabulary, use their own life experiences and provides opportunity to challenge their own thoughts and ideas around how the world works. This aspect of science also encourages the use of speaking and listening skills, Literacy skills and Mathematics, making it a crucial part of children's learning.

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