School Attendance Target 96%            We are currently at 93.7%

Attendance Procedure

Our school aim is to ensure that all children are able to achieve their very best by taking full advantage of the education opportunities that are available to them. We hope to do this by ensuring high levels of attendance and punctuality and creating an ethos in which good attendance is valued by both school and parents/carers. When children attend school regularly they are more likely to succeed as well as learning social skills, giving them the opportunity to engage positively with their peers and building strong friendships.

Attendance below 96%.

  • Letter 1 will be sent out to a parent /carer of children who are at the compulsory school age. This will advise that attendance is falling and will be monitored. Advisory letter goes out to a parent /carer of children who are at non- compulsory school age.


  • Letter 2 will follow if there has been a further decline in attendance, this will request a meeting with parent/carers to attend an Attendance support panel, consisting of the Head Teacher and another staff member. The letter will also advise that school will not be able to authorise any further absences for the child this will include illness unless there is evidence from a doctor or hospital. This could be a prescription label or appointment/discharge letter. Following on from the meeting, a six week monitoring period will begin.


  • Failure to improve in the six week period, will lead to a referral to the Education Welfare Office.. This could result in a fixed penalty. This is currently £60 per parent per child if the payment is made within 21 days, rising to £120 per parent per child after 21 days. Failure to pay within 28 days may result in a summons to appear before the Magistrates Court.

  • Should attendance concerns arise outside of the six week monitoring period, another Attendance Support meeting will take place and restart the 6 week monitoring period.


Good attendance class rewards

  • Class teachers give children who arrive on time with 100% attendance a dojo each week. These children will be entered into a raffle and 1 child per class will receive a small prize.

  • The class with the highest attendance will receive, a dojo per child and an extra 5 minutes playtime.


Good attendance individual rewards:

  • Most improved attendance children will receive a certificate and small prize.

  • 100% attendance for the half term children will receive a certificate, 5 dojos and a small prize.

  • 100% attendance for the term children will receive a certificate, 10 dojos, small prize and special event (film or High tea)

  • 96% and above for the year = certificate, prize and voucher.

  • 100% attendance for the year children will receive a certificate, prize and special event (TBC).