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F1 (Nursery) - Cherry Tree Class 


Welcome to F1 

In our F1/ Nursery class our aim is to give the children the best possible start to their education and school life. We offer 24 morning spaces and 24 afternoon spaces, we also offer 30 hour places to those who receive 30 hours funding.


Here at Mexborough St Johns we appreciate that all children have their own interests and thrive in environments that spark their imagination, therefore we use their interests when planning our topics and activities. We offer a continuous provision where we encourage the children to think about their leaning at all times whilst exploring our fun and inviting classroom. We also provide maths and phonics activities every day.


Take a look at our curriculum on the EYFS progression map below.



Miss Wassell - Class teacher

Mrs Reilly- Learning Support 

Miss Gornall - Learning Support

Key Information:


F1 curriculum expectations 

EYFS progression map

Home Learning: 

  • ·Later in the school year we will introduce " A Book at Bedtime" which is a chance for parents/carers to read with   children and start to develop a love of reading from early years children. 

  • ·There will be craft projects sent home throughout the year e.g. Easter bonnets, Christmas Decorations. 

  • Other useful links include: 

Please contact classroom staff if you have any questions.

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