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Meet our Staff 

We have an amazing staff team made up of very dedicated adults. Our staff work hard for our children, putting them at the centre of everything we do. We are very proud of every one of our amazing team.


School Dog 

Mrs D Haywood

 Y6 Teacher

Miss L Dearden

Y3 Teacher 

Mrs H Reilly

F1 Learning Support

Miss K McDonald

Y1 Learning Support 

Miss F Hardman

Y3 Learning Support 

Miss K Taylor

Y5 Learning Support 

Mrs M Peplow

Y4  & HLTA

Mrs S Oldroyd 

Admin Assistant 

Mrs C Cash


Mrs J Antui

Head Cook 

Mr A Minor 

Head Teacher

Mrs H Asquith

EYFS Leader & F2 Teacher

Miss R Luty

 Y4 Teacher

Mrs D Gornall

F1 Learning Support 

Miss V Sawyer

Y1 Learning Support

Miss S Bettney

Y3 Learning Support

Mrs K Webb

Y6 Learning Support 

Mrs L Loftus

Inclusion Manager

Mr J Bailey


Miss S Lewis


Mrs M Schofield 


Miss M Khan

Deputy Head & Y5 Teacher

Miss A Mappleback

Y 1 Teacher

Miss L Saltis 

Y5 Teacher

Mrs C Webb

F2 Learning Support 

Mrs G Phillips

Y2 Learning Support 

Mrs V Elliss

Y3 & SEMH Intervention

Miss M Lowe

Y6 Learning Support  

Miss J Fenton

School Business Manager

Mrs L Peart 


Miss K Shaw


Mrs S Scott


Mrs S Hickman

SENCO & F1 Teacher

Miss J Hollingsworth

Y2 Teacher 

Miss C Wassell

EYFS support 

Mrs C Butler 

F2 Learning Support 

Miss E Stephens

Y2 Learning Support

Miss J Taylor

Y4 Learning Support

Miss R Leader

Y5&6 Support 

Mrs R Spencer

School Bursar

Miss K O'Donell


Ms R White


Mrs J Merrick


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