Our Curriculum


At Mexborough St John the Baptist, we intend to have a highly motivating and stimulating curriculum which encourages children to become:

  • effective learners.

  • responsible citizens.


Our curriculum is based on the national curriculum in breadth, focusing on key knowledge and skills and designed with the needs of our pupils in mind. As a school, we recognise that it is important for our pupils to develop into clear-thinking and open-minded citizens who are informed about the world and are concerned about the welfare of others. Citizenship and five learning values are at the heart of our curriculum.


Learning Values – our children will:

  • speak clearly and articulate ideas confidently.

  • use taught vocabulary purposefully and in different contexts.

  • show empathy and resilience.

  • use new technologies appropriately and with purpose.

  • problem solve, explore, question and be curious.




There is a clear rationale behind our curriculum and careful thought and planning has gone into each of our areas of learning to allow for concept progression. Each subject focuses on the key knowledge and skills that we believe our children need to thrive. Progression maps and knowledge organisers are used in each subject to set out the knowledge to be taught at each phase and ensure that these are revisited and built upon across school.

Pupils are taught through topic based learning which also considers 'bigger' concepts such as pollution, civilisation, justice and conservation. The curriculum is made engaging through drivers such as launch events, trips, visits, purpose and learning celebrations.

It is essential that children remember the knowledge that they have been taught so that learning ‘sticks’ in order for them to understand new knowledge, make learning links and apply this in different contexts.  The core skills of recall, understand, connect and apply are used to drive this.

There is also a bigger emphasis on vocabulary and reading between subjects. This is so that pupils are clear in the meanings of technical vocabulary that they are learning about, but are then able to able to apply it in other areas of the curriculum.

A clearly sequenced structure is in place for teaching reading across school using strategies based on EEF research, to ensure that all pupils learn to read so they can access the full curriculum offer. This consists of:

  • Use of synthetic phonics as the main approach to reading in EYFS and lower KS1, with appropriate books to support this.

  • Guided reading through school, using reciprocal strategies as children become more fluent word readers.

  • Whole class shared reading in upper KS2 focuses on inference and deduction.

  • Discreet word teaching, access to challenging texts, vocabulary-rich environments and Bedrock (KS2 only) to support the teaching of vocabulary so they can read and communicate, giving them the foundation for future learning.



The curriculum is the driver in which we are able to implement the school's values of love, respect, hope, create, experience, enjoy and succeed as children of God. The impact of our curriculum will be seen in not only in measurable attainment and progress but that St John the Baptist Primary School creates polite, well-mannered caring members of our school community who understand and respect everybody’s differences and needs.