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School Priorities 2023 - 24

Quality of Education 


  • Implement consistent use of retrieval strategies to increase knowledge retention.

  • To improve the teaching and learning of computing and IT across school.


  • Develop early language acquisition.

  • Maintain an engaging and well-planned learning environment both inside and outside.


Phonics and Early Reading

  • Develop a systematic approach to deliver targeted support to pupils who fall behind.

  • Offer a range of opportunities to allow parents/carers to engage with phonics and reading in school.



  • Develop pupils love of reading and reading for pleasure.

  • Explore pedagogy to further improve reading fluency. 



  • Develop an oracy framework to improve the quality of talk to impact writing outcomes.

  • Develop transcription skills through extensive practise.

  • Teach writing composition strategies through modelling and supported practice.



  • Teach effective strategies for solving problems.

  • Use structured interventions to provide additional support.


  • School will liaise effectively with parents and carers of pupils with SEND.

Christian Ethos 

  • Develop a common understanding of spirituality.

  • Extend opportunities for pupils to retain and embed their knowledge of world religions and world views.

Leadership and Management 

  • Teachers receive focused and effective professional development in line with school priorities.

  • Use instructional coaching to implement effective oracy skills and in the moment coaching to enhance subject knowledge.

Behaviour and Attitudes ​

  • Have clear behaviour expectations of pupils when using different areas of school.

  • Ensure good attendance and punctuality (at least in line with national figures).

  • Achieve anti-bullying 'silver' award.

Personal Development  

  • Increase awareness of how to keep safe online.

  • Develops pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle

  • Increase pupil engagement with the local community.

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