Here at St. John's, we use the 'Novel Study' approach, which uses high quality literary texts  as a stimulus for writing. This approach promotes the creation of stimulating environments that reflect the novels and picture books which are being studied in each class. Using high quality texts, allows advanced vocabulary and language features to be experienced by all pupils and consequently children are encouraged to use this in their own writing. The books chosen reflect the overall topic being chosen or can sometimes be stand alone.

In key stage 2, the development of writing is supported using the IPEEL process as championed by the Education Endowment Fund. Using the strategies from IPEEL enables children to take ownership of their own learning process.

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Handwriting at MSJ

Here at Mexborough St John's we take a great deal of pride in our written presentation. Being able to write with fluency and accuracy is a core skill that we teach with consistency through the school. Using the letter join scheme, we intend on providing all children with the skills needed to present their written work to the highest stand.