Take a look at some of the home-learning that Oak Class have completed.


Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Thank you for the fossil work that you completed yesterday-some great learning here! 🙂 Well done! 


As it's the last day before the Easter holidays today, your task is to design  your own Easter egg. This could be anything you like: design your own chocolate egg that you would like to see on the supermarket shelves or draw a picture of a Easter egg. 


I will not be setting any further tasks over the Easter holidays, however please feel free to email any learning or photos of activities that you complete during this time. Continue to work through your learning packs at your own pace that we sent home previously. I will be in touch at some point over the holidays to let you all know about learning after Easter. 


Thank you for all your hard work and for supporting your children's learning in this difficult time. 


Have a lovely Easter.


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Haywood.

Take a look at what we've been doing at home in the photos below.


Hi - I really enjoyed reading your stories yesterday. Well done for being so creative!

Today's challenge is to answer the question:

What are fossils and what do they tell us?

Find the answer to the questions and the present your information in any format you choose; this could be a poster, picture, poem or another idea of your choice.

Email them to our class email address: oak@msj.jmat.org.uk when you have finished. Enjoy! 

Mrs Haywood



Happy April Fool's Day!!!

Today's challenge: It's time to get creative. Write a short story using the following story starter: 

This story begins in a forest. Trees tower high and a path winds ahead. There is a clearing with a deep pool. It is getting dark and stars are coming out.


Remember to use good features of Y6 writing and remember to check your SPaG!

Email your stories to our class email address.


Have fun!



Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. Thank you to all the people that have completed yesterday's challenge. If you still want to have a go, it's not too late. Just email your completed answers to our class email. Today's challenge is to  find as many triangles and hexagons in the attached image.

Make sure you look closely-it's not as easy as it seems! 

Good luck and have fun.





Hello everyone. Hope you have all had a good weekend. Thank you to everyone who have completed the time travelling challenges from last week- there has been some excellent imagination used!! If you would still like to complete these challenges, it's not too late. It would be nice to see some more of these. Email them in when you have completed them.

Today's challenge: I hope you are ready to be code crackers!! You have a maths challenge to complete in order to crack the code. Click on the document (DOCX) at the side to download the code cracker challenge.

Remember to email your answers to oak@msj.jmat.org.uk


Have fun. Good luck. 






Hi everyone. Hope you are all safe and well. Thank you to those children who have completed their time machine challenge from yesterday. We have had some very creative children. 🙂


Today's challenge: Once you have designed your time travelling machine, transport yourself, in your machine, to a particular time in history. Draw a picture of it and write a good description of this time period/ historical event. Make sure you use good features of Y6 writing. Email your pictures and writing to our class email: oak@msj.jmat.org.uk

As it's Friday, this will be a weekend challenge. Have fun!


Thank you for completing the daily challenges this week.


Have a good weekend.


Take care and keep safe.


Mrs Haywood 🙂



Hello everyone. Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. Everyday, I am setting a daily challenge. Today's challenge is to design a time machine. Draw a detailed picture and label it. Then write a clear explanation of how the machine works, making sure you use good features of Y6 writing. Email your pictures to our class email: oak@msj.jmat.org.uk 

Have fun!

Take care. Hope to see you soon. Mrs Haywood.

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