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What Makes Us Who We   Are?

Welcome to Y6 -Oak class.


The class teacher is Mrs.Haywood and Mrs. Webb  is the teaching assistant. Our aim is to provide an happy, engaging and challenging environment, where pupils can learn together in order to reach their full potential. We encourage children to support each other through collaborative learning and supportive feedback.


This term's topic is ' Evolution and Inheritance and Living Things and Their Habitats'; we will be learning  how scientists have pieced together evidence from fossils over time, to discover how animals have evolved over millions of years. We will be studying how scientists believe that humans have evolved and looking into the controversial theories related to this. Children will also learn how animals and plants have adapted in order to survive and why organisms are often endangered, and can become extinct through natural or human factors.

Key Questions: 

How can living things be classified?

What is meant by variation relating to  living things that are classified in particular groups?

What is the Theory of Evolution?

How do we know about evolution?

What is the meaning of inheritance in scientific terms?

What is adaptation?

How have    organisms adapted to their environment  in order to survive?

What happens when  living things cannot adapt to their changing environment?

What factors can cause organisms to become endangered or extinct?

How are humans related to  living things around us?

Have humans always  been this way?

What evidence is there to support controversial theories related to evolution?

Why are fossils important in  investigating the past?

Who are the most significant scientists relating to  Evolution?

Here are some useful websites about Evolution and Inheritance and Living Things and Their Habitats, if you'd like to find out more: 





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