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Welcome to Y6!

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Hello everyone- welcome to Oak Class - Y6! 


We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are ready for the challenge of Y6! We are excited to be starting a brand new term in Oak class. Our aim is to provide a happy, engaging and challenging environment, where pupils can learn together in order to reach their full potential. We encourage children to support each other through collaborative learning and supportive feedback. 

We are starting off the term with a mini topic called: 'Be The Best You Can Be!' We will be identifying our strengths, weaknesses and aspirations; as well as this, we will be thinking about how we can reach our full potential by setting goals so we can be the best that we can be. During this topic, the pupils will study different famous people and find out how they have overcome challenges in order to be successful. 

Our first topic this term is The Aztecs and our big questions is: ‘How Amazing Were The Aztecs?’ Throughout the topic, we will be discovering how the Aztecs ruled and about some of their most famous rulers. We will find out how they lived and how their way of life changed throughout time. We will also learn how the civilisation had to cope with conflict and invaders from other countries. We will investigate the trade of the Aztec people and how art was so important to them. Together, the class will find out about the religious beliefs of the Aztecs and what legacy they have left behind. We are excited to be learning this new topic. 

















Click the button below to see The Aztecs -Knowledge Organiser PDF in full.




Key Questions for our topic:

What was life like as an Aztec?

Can you describe how the Aztec civilisation was organised?

What were the names of the most well-known Aztec rulers? 

Why did the ruler believe he had the ultimate power to reign?

Where in the world did the Aztecs live?

Why do you think they settled in these areas?

What did they trade?

How did the lives of the Aztec people change over time?

How did the Aztecs deal with conflict?

Who were threats to the civilisation? What did they do?

What were the religious beliefs of the Aztecs?

Can you describe how the arts were important to the Aztec people?

What legacy have the Aztec people left behind? 

Useful websites about The Aztecs:






We are looking forward to everyone returning and seeing the wonderful learning that you can produce. We know that you are an amazing class and we cannot wait to see you all again.  

Below are some useful links for revision and learning of maths, English, reading and other subjects:

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