Good Morning,

I had some amazing work sent in yesterday including pieces of artwork, photographs of you doing home learning challenges, yesterday’s challenges completed and a stop motion animation video.

Just a reminder that David Walliams is releasing a free audio book each week (I know Y5 like to read his books) there are three on his website now.

This is the last home learning task and e-mail until after the Easter Holidays so have a lovely Easter and don’t eat too much chocolate!

Today’s Challenge……….

Cardboard Spinners


Follow the you tube link below to make these cardboard spinners and explore the science of light.

Have a good day!


Mrs White

Good Morning,

Thank you for yesterday’s guesses of where Angel’s magic carpet went. She went to Harry Potter World


Last term Y5 started doing some P4C (philosophy for children) Dialogue Works are currently releasing a free home learning discussion pack each week. It’s really good for family discussions. Below is the link to week 2s but if you look at the rest of the website, week 1s tells you more about P4C

Today’s Challenge……….

                                                                     Sitting Round the Party Tables
So, you are at the party and sitting around the table with seven friends.


At the top left-hand corner is the friend who is giving the party. She or he has a bag of sweets and starts giving them out in a clockwise direction: one for themselves, two for the next person and three for the next and so on.

There are other similar parties going on at the same time. They have bigger square tables with more children sitting round on each side.

Explore and compare all the tables: 2 on each side, 3 on each side, 4 on each side and 5 on each side.

You could look at:

the total number of sweets that children sitting opposite each other have;

the total number of sweets needed for each size of the table;

the total number of sweets belonging to children who are diagonally opposite.


Then, what about five- and six-sided tables?

If any of the adults want more guidance of this activity please follow this link

Good Morning,

Thank you for all the guesses about where Poppy went on their magic carpet. She travelled to Disneyland of course.


This is Angels’s magic carpet drawing. Where do you think she has travelled to? 











Today’s Challenge……….

Yesterday’s photo challenge seemed quite popular. Thank you for your work on this. So, I have set a similar challenge for today.




Sentence Challenge

‘Can you use verbs and adverbs to describe what each of the animals in the picture are doing?

E.g. The zebra meanders lethargically across the road. 

Nonchalantly, the orangutan lounges on the bench.

You could experiment by using adverbs in different places in your sentences.

If you are looking for extra maths to do, try the Carol Vordeman site. It’s free to use at the moment.

Have a good day Mrs White

Good Morning,

This is Phoebe’s magic carpet drawing of where she would go. Can anyone guess where it is?


This is a link to a website for guided dances. I know how much you all like Tik Toc dancing, it isn’t quite the same but you get to dance for more than 60 seconds!

Today’s Challenge……….

After making your tortoise and hare game boards yesterday, today you can play the game.




What you need;

Game board

Hare and tortoise counters


What to do;

Decide who the hare is and who the tortoise is.

Roll the dice

If a 1,2,3 or 4 is rolled the tortoise moves that many places

If a 5 or 6 is rolled the hare moves that many places.

After you have played;

Is it a fair game?

How could you change it to make it fair?

Have a good day!


Mrs White

Good Morning,

I had some lovely photographs of pieces of work from you all yesterday. I am going to share a photo each day on here. If you are happy for me to share a photo that you send please let me know. This is Adam’s magic carpet drawing of where he would go. Can anyone guess where it is?









This is a link to some online coding tutorials using scratch that you might like.


Today’s Challenge……….

I am sure you all know the story of the Hare and the Tortoise (if not google it and you will find lots of versions of the story) well tomorrow I will send you the instructions for a game you can play relating to the story so, today I would like you to design a game board (1-50 will probably be enough squares).



Also make two counters to move around the board, one in the shape of a hare and one in the shape of a tortoise.



Have a good day!


Mrs White

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