Y5 Chestnut Class

Miss Khan and Mrs Saltis


Miss Hardman

Mrs peplow

Miss Sides and Miss Norman

Welcome to Year 5!

Hello everyone! 


We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are ready to start Year 5!!!! 

We are excited to be starting a brand new year in Chestnut Class. Our aim is to provide a happy, engaging and challenging environment, where pupils can learn together in order to reach their full potential. We encourage children to support each other through collaborative learning and supportive feedback. 

We have planned some fantastic and fun lessons and can not wait to share these with you all!

Our topic this term is Ancient Greece:

'What did we fleece from Ancient Greece?'

Across the curriculum, we will be finding out how the Ancient Greece civilisation has had and impact on modern day life, look in to the fascinating myths and legends, explore the wars and everyday life of the Ancient Greek people and creating Ancient Greek art.



Key Questions for our topic:

  • Who was in charge in Ancient Greece?

  • What have the Ancient Greeks left us?

  • What changed during the Ancient Greek era?

  • Why did they fight and who with?

  • Why was trade important?

  • What did the Ancient Greeks believe in?

  • How do we know about Ancient Greece?

  • What was life like during the Ancient Greek era?

  • What happened at the Battle of Marathon?

  • What was the differences and similarities between Sparta and Athens?

For this topic we will be studying the book 'Who Let the Gods out?' By Max Evans

We are looking forward to everyone returning and seeing the wonderful learning that you can produce. We know that you are an amazing class and we cannot wait to see you all again.

Things to remember...

  • Children MUST bring their reading books and reading diary EVERY day.

  • Children SHOULD read at least twice at home every week and have this signed in their reading diary.

  • Homework will be set FRIDAY of every week and is due the following THURSDAY; the date will be written in their homework book.

  • Outside PE will take place every MONDAY and the children MUST bring their outdoor PE kit.

  • Inside PE will take place on FRIDAY and the children MUST bring their indoor PE kit.

Home Learning