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Welcome to Year 5!

This year we will be learning all about the human body and the circulatory system, as well as life during the plague before becoming experts about Mexico in the summer term! We are planning some inspiring and creative learning opportunities, which we are sure our children will love! 


The rat, the cat or something more than that? 

During the Spring term, we will be learning about Medieval England, with a particular focus on The Black Death (or Bubonic Plague), which will include thinking about infection, contaminates and prevention of illness whilst studying the Berlie Doherty novel, The Children of Winter. We will also be considering how different social classes lived in the past, looking at what life was like for nobles compared to peasants and why the peasants revolted in 1381. In science, we will learn about the life cycle of plants and animals, including insects and mammals (such as fleas and rats!)  Our citizenship focus will be the role of individuals in public health and the positives and negatives of public protest. 

Our Key Questions for Learning 

  • When and how did the plague start?

  • How and why did the plague spread and what were people's beliefs about this at the time?

  • What were the symptoms of the plague? 

  • How did plague doctors protect themselves and how does this link to what we know abut infection today? 

  • Which different groups of people made up the feudal system? 

  • Why did the peasants revolt in 1381?

Our Citizenship Questions

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of public protest? Do we think it is a good thing?

  • What responsibility do individuals have to prevent the spread of infection and disease? 

Home Learning 
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