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Welcome to Year 4! Mrs Riley is the class teacher and Mrs Whitham is the teaching assistant. In year 4, we want the children to enjoy their time in school. We like to make learning fun, creative and engaging; encouraging the children to work as a team and become one big happy family.


This term we will be starting our topic: 'Bottoms, Burp and Bile'. We will be looking at the question: 'Am I what I eat?' We will study our digestive system, in order to discover what happens to our food after we put it into our mouths. We will be creating a workshop for our younger pupils, helping them to learn how to brush their teeth correctly. We will be reading some exciting novels in our new reading area and finding out why reading is so much fun. 

Open wide let’s take a look inside.


What is the digestive system and what part does it play in the process of turning food into energy?

What part do the small and large intestines play in digesting food?

How does food travel through the body?

Why are teeth different shapes?

How long does it take for food to get to the stomach once you have chewed it?

If you are upside, down does it take longer for food to reach the stomach?

What makes a food healthy?

How do shops persuade you to buy their food products?

Here are some useful websites to help you with our current topic.


Learning at Home


Click on the buttons below for the link to some fun maths games to practice at home.

To Launch our topic today we did an investigation looking at where our food goes after we have put it in our mouth. WE used tights to represent the intestines and a plastic bag for our food. Look at the fun we had on our photos. It was both gross and fun all in one lesson. 

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