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             What is life like in the Land of the Rising Sun?

Our topic this term is all about Japan

Key Questions for Learning:

  • Can you locate Japan on a map?

  • Which continent does Japan belong to?

  • Can you compare a Japanese school with a UK school?

  • Why do earthquakes and tsunamis happen?

  • Why does Japan have more earthquakes than the UK?

  • Can you compare and contrast the physical features of Japan and the UK?

  • What is different about daily life in Japan?

Books we will be using during our topic:

The joyful story of a young girl who dances to her own drumbeat, and in doing so teaches others about the richness of diversity. Suki's favourite possession is her blue cotton kimono. A gift from her obachan, it holds special memories of her grandmother's visit last summer. And Suki is going to wear it on her first day back to school -- no matter what anyone says. 

This gorgeously illustrated book shows the beauty of the Japanese garden. A lovely introduction to haiku poetry; the children will write their own during this topic.

Far away, in the Pacific Ocean, Tokyo is a busy city of colour, activity, celebrations, gigantic buildings, and much more. Seven-year-old Mimiko lives in Tokyo, and here you can follow a year's worth of fun, food and festivities in Mimiko's life, month by month.

We will learn about earthquakes and find out how they form, where they are most likely to happen and how scientists study them using this Fact Planet book to help us write our own explanation texts.

Our planet can be violent and destructive. Volcanoes erupt, sending out clouds of ash and rivers of molten lava. Earthquakes shake up the land, destroying buildings and sparking destructive fires. Tsunamis-enormous ocean waves-crash onto the shore, devastating coastal communities. We will look at recent natural disasters and how they have affected life in Japanese communities.

Download a copy of our knowledge organiser:

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