Cedar Class: Home learning

Here is where I'll showcase all of your fabulous home learning! You'll find details of daily challenges as well as hint and tips about learning activities along the way. Don't forget to email me all the fabulous things you're getting up to at home to cedar@msj.jmat.org.uk. 

Stay safe and have fun





Easter Break Checklist Challenge!

Day 10: Story Time

I miss story time and listening to you read SO much!
Today I would like you to take a short video or a couple of photos of you reading to your grown ups, siblings or even your toys or teddies. 

Day 9: Writing Superstars

Write a description of either your journey on your magic carpet to the destination you chose yesterday OR what happens when you're there. Use your senses and tell me what you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste. You can gain up to 5 dojos for this task by using our non-negotiables all correctly. As well as fabulous language choices, I want to see:

- Capital letters used at the beginning of your sentences, for names of people and places and for 'I'. 

- Finger spaces

- Phonics used for spellings and correct spelling of common exception words (you can find these in your learning packs)

- Full stops, exclamation marks and question marks

- BEAUTIFUL handwriting (most of you should be using cursive!) 

Well done!
I've been blown away with some of your writing and lots of you even used
your editing skills to make it perfect! Lots of dojos gained today; keep it up!

Want some extra dojos? 

Can you find all of my adjectives, verbs and adverbs? There are 13 adjectives, 2 adverbs and 12 verbs to find in total (I think; let me know if you find any I might have missed!)

Day 8: A Magic Carpet Ride

Let your imagination run wild! If you could go anywhere on a magic carpet, where would it be? Draw a picture of where you'd visit and write a few sentences to tell me where you would go and why. We will build on this tomorrow so take your time and make it good.


Day 7: Prodigy Maths Battle!

Play on Prodigy maths (online or app) and at the end of the day I will be checking the leader board. 1 dojo for everyone that plays today; 3 extra dojos for whoever achieves first place! 2 extra dojos for 2nd place and one extra dojo for 3rd. Good luck!  

All logins were in home learning packs. Please email our class email address if you need it sending again.

And the final leaderboard looks like this!

Well done to you three but also to everyone who took part as this was the more popular challenge yet and most of you got involved! I can feel another prodigy competition coming soon!

Day 6: Sharing the love with Clarence House 

Draw a picture, write or record a lovely message that can be shared with the residents of Clarence house to lift their spirits during a time where they can't have any visitors. Celebrate our school value of love! Send all contributions to our class email. 

Day 5: P.E with Joe Wicks

Day 4: Minibeast hunters!

Find as many minibeast as you can in your garden or on your daily walk. Make a list, tally chart, pictogram or block diagram to show what you have found. 

Day 3: Healthy mind = healthy body. Cosmic kids yoga!

Day 2: Can you sign a rainbow?

Day 1: Create a Rainbow

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