Foundation Fior-di-Loto


The charity Fior-di-Loto works in Pushkar, India and has provided over 500 girls with a free education since 2003. They achieve this through sponsors and support from across the world.


Mrs Carole Williams visited school earlier this year and talk to staff and children about the work of the charity and show photos of the school, the girls and their families.


Our school has sponsored a little girl called Bhawana for the past three years. She is now six years old and is achieving really well at school. It costs £150 per year to sponsor her and this pays for her education in school, school meals, school uniform for both summer and winter, a dressed up outfit, transport to and from school and her books.























The charity wants to grow and have clear plans for their future.


These are to…

   Make available free education for 1000 girls in Pushkar

   Drill additional water wells

   Increase the number of senior citizens and widows who have monthly support

   Help more people on their way into self-employment

   Increase the number of poor families supported by their food programme