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Mrs J Bakes

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Mrs C Webb

Welcome to Acorn Class!

In our class we have 32 Foundation Stage 2 children who are aged 4-5 years. Our aim in the Foundation Stage is to have an immersive environment which the children can enjoy, learn and achieve. The children’s interests are important to us and we try and plan these into every opportunity of learning and topic planning.

We are an early adopter of the new Foundation Framework for 2020. Please see the curriculum link above for more details on this. 


We have a busy well-structured timetable with opportunities to explore the continuous provision and outdoor learning during these sessions. All activities are focused around hands on education where children are equipped to deepen their learning by questioning their experiences. We encourage children to think about their learning at all times, explaining their understanding.

As children begin their learning journey at Mexborough St John's, the Acorn Class is where they will first hear the expectation that they are members of the school and wider community.  They will learn the importance of choices and will be supported, encouraged and guided to make decisions that help them feel proud of themselves. 

Please take a look at our planning and timetable. Please contact classroom staff if you have any questions.