Hello Cherry Tree! 

Hope everyone is staying safe and well and staying indoors! Please check your emails or this page each morning for the daily challenge and please do email back photos or comments the children have made. We would love to see it and hear about what you have been up to. If anyone has any questions please email on cherrytree@msj.jmat.org.uk. Please look after each other and we miss you so much already! Can't wait to be back!

Lots of love

Cherry Tree 



Daily challenge:


Our first daily challenge is to go on a shape hunt! Can you find any circles, squares, triangles or rectangles around your house or garden? See if you can spot the shapes and tell your grown-ups what they are e.g. a square window. Please do take some photos and email them to our Nursery email address so I can see all the fantastic learning you have been doing :)











Thank you to those who sent me some shape hunt pictures to look at yesterday, it is lovely to see what you are up to during our time apart. Please do continue to send me messages and pictures of your child's home learning. If you are happy for your photographs to appear on the website please put 'website ok' on your message. 


The sun is making me feel happier today and I am going to spend some time tidying up the garden. For today's challenge I would like you to go outside and make a garden potion! Can you mix together some soil, flowers, stones, sticks and whatever else you can find outside? While you are making your potion can you describe and talk about the different textures of the ingredients? What can you feel, smell and see? Can you discuss what magic your garden potion could do? If you want to you could draw a picture of your magic potion! 

We miss you all lots, stay safe x

Well done, Cherry! I saw some amazing potions yesterday. I really liked how you explored using lots of vocabulary to describe them e.g. slimy and rough.














Good morning, Cherry. We are blessed with our weather at the moment so I am going to carry on setting some lovely outdoor challenges for the time being. 

Today I would like you to go on a sound walk. It is important for our phonics that we can tune into the different environmental sounds we can hear. Step outside and close your eyes - you could even lie-down. Can you hear anything? Tell your grown-ups all the different sounds you can hear. A car? birds? the trees rustling? Move around your garden to see if you can hear different things in different places.


After you have carried out your listening walk can you draw a picture of your favourite sound? I have just been into the garden for my own listening walk. I liked the sound of the birds chirping best. I am going to draw a bird!

I hope you have lots of fun during this phonics job today. Please do send me some pictures, I love to see what you have been up to! 


Miss you lots, stay safe. 

Miss P x 

























Today for your home learning challenge we are going to think about spring! While I have been out walking I have seen lots of signs of spring. Can you use the spring checklist I have emailed this morning to see what signs of spring you can see? Can you discuss them with your grown-up? Once you return home could you draw a picture of your favourite sighting?

I look forward to seeing your pictures! 

Miss P x


For our challenge today we are going to think about the past. Can you go on an old photo hunt around your home? Can you find some old photos and talk about them with your grown-ups? How have people changed? What was different when mummy and daddy were younger? and when grandparents were younger?  How did they take photos in the past and what about now? 


Can you pick your favourite photo and draw a picture of it?

Stay safe!

Miss P x 

It's lovely to see all the busy things you have been getting up to today! From name writing to counting and looking at old photos to drawing pictures from the virtual day at the zoo. Well done, Nursery. 


Hello Nursery, I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend and kept safe at home.

For this Monday's challenge can you play eye spy with your grown-ups and/or siblings?

Can you identify objects when hearing the initial sound? E.g. something beginning with 'b'.

Can you write the initial sounds with help from your grown-up?

Can you write simple words with your grown-up? E.g. cat/dog/pen

Your grown-up can help you write the letters if you're not sure how to.

Miss P x

We have been practising writing our simple CVC words.

We have enjoyed dough disco!



Good morning, Nursery.

I hope you enjoyed taking part in dough disco yesterday! Remember there will be daily sessions on from today so keep joining in :) 

Today can you sing your favourite nursery rhymes and spot the rhyming words? Talk with your grown-ups about words which rhyme and practise continuing a rhyming string e.g. cat, mat, bat, fat, pat.


Enjoy singing!

Miss P x

We have been practising saying and writing our rhyming words!


Happy new month to you all!

Today we are going to think about the months of the year. Can you sing the months of the year song on Youtube? (There are lots to choose from!) 

Can you remember the order of the months?

Can you discuss with your grown-ups what each month is like?

You could discuss the weather, key events etc. 

Once you have sang and discussed can you draw a picture of your favourite month? You could draw December because you love Christmas! Or maybe August because it is sunny and you love the beach :) 


Miss P x


Good morning! 

Today we are going to go on a scavenger hunt! I have emailed you the secret instructions! Can you find and complete all the tasks today?! 

Make sure you’re practising lots of counting and numeral recognition as you go. 


Well done for taking part in the maths scavenger hunt yesterday, your emails and photographs were fantastic! Today can you play some board games with your siblings/grown-ups? Snakes & ladders, connect four,  frustration etc. Using a die, counting your moves, recognising numbers, turn-taking are all skills involved :) 

Have a great time! 

Miss P x 

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