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Curriculum Enrichment Offer


At Mexborough St John's we believe in dreaming big! We believe that children need to experience culture, the arts and be exposed to the world beyond Mexborough. By doing this we show our children new possibilities,  broaden their horizons and  help to shape their aspirations.  


We know, from evidence and experience, that children who take part in arts and culture do better in school and are happier and healthier. As young adults they are more likely to vote, go to university, and to secure and stay in a good job.


At Mexborough St John the Baptist C of E Primary School every child will be given the opportunity to: -


  • Learn to play a musical instrument

  • Work with an artist

  • Go on a residential

  • Be part of a production

  • Gain visual art skills and exhibit their work

  • Sing in a choir

  • Visit places of interest

  • Visit different places of worship

  • Be baptised 

  • Be confirmed 

  • Become a confident speaker

  • Watch a production

  • Have a love of reading

  • Support the local community

  • Take part in a sporting competition

  • Raise money for charity

  • Find out about the jobs/careers of people within the locality

  • Speak confidently to members of the public

  • Develop life skills including cooking  

As a school we map out what each class will experience during the school year, this is open to all children as we are committed to identifying and removing the systematic, social and economic barriers that stop children from marginalised backgrounds engaging in arts and culture (see below).

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