Mexborough St John’s Theological Rationale


Our Vision


We love and value all of God’s children, creating an inclusive environment that helps all to flourish.


Our School Motto reminds us of this:

‘Together we believe, together we succeed’

Our Aims

Developing a Love of Learning[1]

We aim for every child to develop a love of learning through exciting, inspiring and engaging learning experiences.

The Church of England promotes a vision of education that sees wisdom in our learning about “the self- expression and self-giving of God, who relates to the whole of creation (John 1: 1-5; Colossians 1: 15-20; Ephesians 1: 8-10). This sets the horizon for education that looks to him, seeking truth and wisdom in relation to all reality.”[2] With an eye to the context of our community, we prioritise offering our children a wide and inspiring set of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. This includes the school’s emphasis upon cultural capital and ensuring our children gain a rich cultural experience of life in all its fullness.


Dream Big and Achieve[3]

We aim for every child to dream big and be given the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve their gaols.

The Church of England vision for Education recognises that “In the drama of ongoing life, how we learn to approach the future is crucial.” In response to this it recognises that “Good schools open up horizons of hope and aspiration, and guide pupils into ways of fulfilling them.”[4] Our vision is​ to enable all the children in our care to raise that hope and those aspirations. As such, we teach our children resilient hope, no matter what setbacks they might face.


A Community of Values[5]

We aim for every child to feel part of a community where Christian values are promoted in all areas of school life. We also aim for every parent and carer to be partners in our school, where we are all learners.

Our school motto is, “Together we believe, together we succeed.”

The Church of England Vision for Education affirms:  “The God of wisdom, love, compassion and peace, in whose image we are created, is utterly relational.”[6]  It should end up looking like St Paul’s description: “Love is patient and kind…Love does not lose its temper or hold a grudge….Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”[7] This means that our management of behaviour and discipline will always be governed by relationships with the child and never by negativity: we know every child – every single name.


Respect and Pride[8]

We aim for every child to respect and care for themselves, others and the environment.

We aim for every child to feel valued, be proud of who they are and have a sense of belonging.

St Peter tells us to “Respect everyone.”[9] At Mexborough St John’s we affirm the Church of England’s commitment to education for dignity and respect: “Jesus embodies the love and compassion of God for each person, and Christians are called to follow him in this, and to join with others in demonstrating it.”[10]

For us respect should be a given.  We respect people not only for what they have done, but also for the simple fact that they are human beings made in the image of God and loved by God. This manifests itself in the expectation that staff will show unconditional positive regard for the children I our care, and that staff will provide solid and dependable role models of love and respect in daily life.


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