School improvement priorities 2020-21

  1. Quality of Education 


Recovery Curriculum (Academic Catch-Up)

  •  Identify and address gaps in pupils English and Maths learning.

  • Revisit key Maths and English learning from the previous year.

  • Target identified children to offer focussed support to ‘catch up’ to meet national expectations.

  • Implement a phased return to full national curriculum as and when appropriate.



  • Develop the love of reading and reading for pleasure.

  • Improve the teaching of vocabulary (with a focus on utility of words) to develop pupil background knowledge and make links between learning.

  • Secure attainment for all pupils including greater depth for all.



  • Raise attainment of writing with a focus on greater depth.

  • Improve vocabulary in writing to create effect and engage the reader.  



  •  Increase speed of recall of times tables and corresponding division facts. 

  • Raise attainment in greater depth maths (Key stage 2 outcomes).

2. Leadership and Management

  • Further develop the role subject leaders.

  • Trial the new EYFS curriculum.

  • All SLT to have a good understanding of school finance.

  • To develop the role of the governing body.


3. Behaviour and Attitudes  

  • Embed a whole school restorative practice approach.

  • Metacognition techniques used to help pupils improve their learning.


4. Personal Development  


  • Deliver a recovery curriculum that aims to support all pupils to feel happy, safe and emotionally ready to learn.

  • To introduce a whole school PSHCE/RSE scheme

  • PEHE and citizenship will be a key driver within the curriculum.

  • Continue to grow as a healthy school.