At Mexborough St John's we meet for daily collective worship where current events in the Christian calendar are taught and our strong Christian school values are explored and celebrated through discussion, stories and active participation. We hold events throughout the year to celebrate events such as Christmas and Easter. Our children visit our Parish Church for a celebratory church service three times per year and our Y6 children visit Sheffield Cathedral. Classes also visit the church as part of their RE learning in the classroom. For example, Y1 will visit the church to explore Baptism and how this is important to Christians. 

Within class, we use the Understanding Christianity scheme for the Diocese of Sheffield and the SACRE programme from Rotherham MBC. It is through this syllabus that we make a key contribution to pupils’ personal development by providing opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Throughout their time with us the children will also explore the customs and ideas of other religious beliefs and our children will visit the special buildings of these. For example, Y3 might visit a mosque to compare Islamic and Christian symbols. 

Each classroom in school has a reflection area in which might be displayed a Bible story, a Christian value might be explored or it can be used as a quiet area to think or reflect. 

Take a look at some of the RE learning and displays we have in our school.